Dino Martens

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Example of Dino Martens Art Glass (1953)

Opaque polichrome glass with copper inclusions, pinwheel and filigrana.


Dino Martens (1894 – 1970)

Dino Martens glass is some of the most recognizable glass from 20th century Italian art. His innovative use of bright metallic colors using huge murrini (glass rods with colors or images in them) and fantastical shapes make Dino Martens one of the great creators of modern art.

Martens was born in Venice in 1894. He went on to study at the Accademia di Belle Art, where he developed his skills as a painter. He exhibited in Venice as a young man in the 1920’s and by the end of the decade was a designer for Salviati & Co, a leading glass maker. After fighting in the African War, he took up the position of artistic director at Aureliano Toso, a famed glass maker where he became a legend. There he experimented with creating astounding designs that pushed the boundaries of what was possible with glass.

He was so influential that Dino Martens glass and Murano glass from the 1950’s are synonymous. His shocking and wild style does not belie the careful planning and preparation he put into his work. His pieces are very calculated, yet they contain a wildness he manages to capture in the bright patchworks and pigments that make up his imaginative and creative works. This was a man fully in control of his output and who possessed of a poet’s soul, naming his works in a romantic fashion.

A great example of Dino’s Murano glass is his series Oriente, which encapsulates the energy and vibrancy of his work and life. He played with form and color, putting unusual colors close together and playing them off each other while intriguing the eye with the almost biological shapes.

Dino Martens Murano glass is collectible and deserving of the position it holds in history. A Dino Martens vase or or other art glass is a bit of history that marks the breaking away of glass into the world of expressive art. Dino Martens kept producing into the late years of his life, when his work became more subtle and refined.