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Example of James Brown Painting Style (1982)

Winking Man
Enamel on paper


James Brown (1951 – 2020)

James Brown artist and painter was active in Paris and Oaxaca (Mexico). He was most understood in the 1980s for his harsh painterly semi-allegorical works of art, bearing affinities to Jean-Michel Basquiat and East Village painting of the time, yet with impacts from primitive craftsmanship and established Western innovation.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, artist James Brown received a BFA from Immaculate Heart College, Hollywood. He then invested years in Paris, and went to the Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris, France. He defied the established preparing there, which he considered unimportant, yet stayed as he needed to stay in Paris. Voyages through Europe seeing renaissance and particularly medieval painting of Italy impacted his work. Amid the 1980s, James Brown art blended the pioneer convention of painterly application and adherence to the photo surface with clear impacts from tribal workmanship.

In the mid 1980s artist James Brown started displaying paintings and artwork in New York, and in this decade his work turned into a hit in the exhibitions and workmanship press, offering a look to the Bad Painting and youthful neo-expressionism of the East Village painters of the time. On the twelfth of September 1987 he wedded Alexandra Condon, who was concentrating on Art History at NYU at the time. At the time, they had know one another for more than ten years.

In spite of some time on the East and West shore of New York, artist James Brown kept living in Paris. With the East’s blurring Village workmanship scene he had progressively appeared in European exhibitions, where his work was presently found in the setting of a post-war European innovation in the custom of Jean Dubuffet. James Brown and Alexandra had their first offspring, Degenhart Maria Gray Brown, on the 24th of September 1989 in New York. In 1991 their second child, Cosmas And Damian Maria Todosantos Brown, was conceived on the sixth of June in Paris. On the sixteenth of April 1993, their third little girl was born, Dagmar Maria Jane Brown, in New York.

In 1995, artist James Brown moved out to the valley of Oaxaca (Mexico) with his family, where they lived in a Hacienda for a long time. Amid this time James Brown art was continually displayed in Europe, the United States and in Mexico. Artist James Brown and his wife worked together with different specialists, making carpets in a town in the mountains of Oaxaca. The floor coverings were made in the conventional Mexican style, weaved by hand on extensive wooden casings. James Brown and Alexandra then chose to begin making books with craftsmen, so they began Cape Diem Press. Like the carpets, these books are imprinted in Oaxaca utilizing antiquated and customary systems. The books are imprinted in constrained versions, and Carpe Diem Press keeps on teaming up with specialists. In 2004 James Brown moved his family to the city of Mérida, in the Yucatán. From that point forward artist James Brown has been investing much energy in Europe, displaying his work in France, Germany, Italy and Holland. He has been working generally in Paris.

James Brown has tackled a few styles throughout the years, he does however keep up a hand-made look consolidating worries of the innovator convention with themes and otherworldly hobbies from tribal workmanship. A lot of James Brown art contains portrayals or indications of unmistakable confronts or questions. All the more, he has recently accomplished more artwork in a conceptual mode. Then again, the line in the middle of representation and reflection is regularly a troublesome one in his work. For example, his later Firmament Series – Abstract Canvas that can likewise be perused as alluding to heavenly bodies or stars, or gatherings of rocks.

Other than paintings, James Brown has additionally delivered figures and arrangement of prints at different times in his career. In the 1990s he began to intensely use collage. Drawing and other one of a kind works on paper have been vital to the advancement of James Brown art.

James Brown and his wife, Alexandra, died in an automobile accident in Mexico.

Artist Exhibitions:

  • 1983 Tony Shafrazi, “Champions,” New York
  • 1983 Nature Morte, New York
  • 1985 Bruno Bischofberger, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 1986 Leo Castelli, New York, New York
  • 1995 Leo Castelli, February, New York
  • 2001 Pace Prints, February, Catalogue raisonne graphic work. New York
  • 2005 Ex-Escuela Quintana Roo, “James Brown 10 acos en Oaxaca,” Mérida, Mexico. (This exhibition traveled internationally)
  • 2007 Galerie Karsten, Greve Paris (Showing his abstract “Firmament Series”)
  • 2014 Livingstone Gallery, The Hague (NL)