John Baldessari

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Example of John Baldessari Painting Style (1969)

Oil and acrylic on canvas


John Baldessari (born 1931)

A gifted artist and teacher, John Baldessari was born in 1931. He is a living artist who is most associated with the California art world and, particularly, with his long career in education.

Baldessari is a native of National City, California, near San Diego. His education includes a Bachelor’s in Painting from San Diego State University in 1953 and an MA from the same university in 1957. He studied for a time in Berkeley in 1953 and began his teaching career during his graduate studies.

His teaching resume spans nearly five decades, working at Southwestern College at Chula Vista throughout the 1960’s. Since 1970, John Baldessari has been teaching at the California Institute of Arts in Los Angeles.

John Baldessari art represents his multi-discipline approach. He uses various mediums such as photography, video and film, an interest which he began to develop in the 1960’s. He also works in books, public works and billboards.

Baldessari has been the recipient of the Arts Lifetime Achievement Award, the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative and his art has been featured in over 200 solo exhibitions and over 700 multi-artist exhibitions across the nation. He was the subject of a retrospective at the Tate Modern, London in 2009.